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tiger60 (link) On 07/12/2016

bravo , sympa ton site...

stephen aspil On 11/11/2014

Hi Manu, I have nearly completed the Renault AMR 35 in 1/16 scale from Blitz and have run into a problem!! There are not enough track links for both sides of the tank!! There should be 135 links or so on each side and they only supply 110. I am short 50 links for the model. I counted the links on your original (from the photos on your site) and you used about the the same so it is not a build fault on my part. I have emailed Blitz to see if they could produce the extra 50 links but have had no reply so far. Is there anything you can do to help? If you were able to produce the extra links it would be great. I will cover any cost you may incur, materials, labour, post etc. I am delighted with how the model looks so far and reall y want to be able to finish it.
Merci, Steve.

stephen aspil On 17/10/2014

Hi, I saw on the website that you scratch built the original model of the 1/16 AMR 35 which blitz used to produce their resin kit of the AMR 35 ZT. I am looking for any detailed drawings, photos or references that you might have or know of as I at present building the 1/16 AMR and want to make it as detailed and accurate as posseble.
Merci, Steve in Ireland.

PHILIPPE, Eric (link) On 08/04/2013

Bonjour Manu ! je découvre aujourd'hui ton site perso.
Merci, c'est sympa de partager ici toutes tes superbes réalisations !
Manque de bol, le premier lien sur lequel j'ai cliqué, la ford T Ambulance - celui qui m'intéresse le plus en ce moment, n'est plus actif au niveau des photos :-( Mais ça m'a l'air bien le seul.
Et bravo pour ton courage à enregistrer toute ta doc !

Dr. Gary Rasmussen On 28/12/2012

Wonderful site. Can I buy the FT 17 and the Mark IV ?

Mikrojeep On 20/11/2012

Site de référence pour ces matériels et cette échelle, scratcheur hors-pair, continue de nous
régaler de tes montages aussi instructifs qu'aboutis.
Je reste un aficionado inconditionnel de ton site et m'y réfère régulièrement.

Bruno CARSUZAA On 22/06/2012

Merci pour le plaisir que tu nous offres en présentant de si belles réalisations.
Rien que du bonheur.
Surtout ne t'arrête pas...

Ann Shields (link) On 31/08/2011

I enjoyed talking with you last weekend, Manu - thanks for sharing your considerable knowledge and expertise! Nice website, too. See ya next yeaer -

patrice le calvez On 24/03/2011

Ton dernier Sherman est très beau .

patrice le calvez On 20/02/2011

Bonjour manu .
Très belle ta Kettenkraftrad .


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