Kettenkraftrad SdKfz 2 - XION

Compartiment de conduite fabriqué en scratch / Driving compartment built from scratch

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Le kit XION à l'ouverture de la boîte / The XION model kit as it looks like straight out of the box

Overall this kit will build into an impressive kit in the larger 1:16 scale. The fit of the parts is very good with just a few areas needing attention during assembly.
There's not much clean-up needed on most parts, there are only occasional pin marks but mostly very easy to deal with.
The kit has some nicely done details such as the suspension and running gear with the metal tracks being a very nice touch that will bring considerable realism.
Please note that since this model is intented to be full R/C, the driver's compartment is closed by a plate to provide room for the supplied motor.
This leaves you with the option to recreate as I did this area though nothing in the kit is provided to do so.
The Sd.Anh.1 cargo trailer is sold separately.
As with any other kit, there's room for improvement by adding finer details as you wish.
• Stearing wheel,
• Front wheel rubber tire,
• Photoetched parts,
• Plastic chassis,
• Metal tracks,
• Decals,
• High power motor
• LED front and rear lights.






Kübelwagen - TAMIYA

Montée directement sortie de boîte / Built straight out of the box
D'après cette photo LIFE prise pendant la libération de Paris le 25 août 1944

As per this LIFE photo taken during the liberation of Paris, August 25th 1944



Schwimmwagen - EDUARD

Montée directement sortie de boîte / Built straight out of the box




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