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CHRISTIE T3 Medium Tank

Tornado, 67th Infantry Regiment (Tank), 1932

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Vous trouverez en bas de cette page la liste de livres, revues et articles spécifiques utilisés.
You will find at the bottom of this page all the specialized books, magazines and articles I have used .





















Principale documention issue de ma bibliothèque
Main documentation taken out from my book collection

Comprehensive walk-around of the last unit preserved out of the 7 built Aberdeen Proving Ground   1999 USA

Steel Steeds CHRISTIE : Memoirs of the Life of J. Walter CHRISTIE


Sunflower University Press

1985 USA

The CHRISTIE Tank Controversy, a Yankee Inventor and the Military Establishment

George F. Hofmann

Society for Military History

1975 USA
The New CHRISTIE Model 1940 C.C. Benson

The Coast Artillery Journal

1929 USA

Stuart, A History of the American Light Tank

R.P. Hunnicutt Presidio Press 1992 USA

Sherman, A History of the American Medium Tank

R.P. Hunnicutt Presidio Press 1994 USA
The Fighting Tanks since 1916 Jones / Rarey / Icks The Telegraph Press 1933 USA
Fine Scale Modeller, December issue D.P. Dyer Kalmbach Publishing 1995 USA
American AFV's of WWII Crow / Ellis / Chamberlain Profile Publications 1972 GB
US Armour Camouflage and Markings Steven J. Zaloga Osprey Publishing 1984 GB
Military Modelling Steven J. Zaloga Vol.30, No.3 2000 GB
Science et Monde n°33 Décembre 1931 FR
The BT Tank, part 1 Pavlov / Pavlov / Zheltov Armada Press 1998 RUS
The CHRISTIE Tank in the USSR   2002 RUS

Autres livres et documents nettement plus difficiles à trouver et que je ne possède pas
Other books and documents far more difficult to find and that I do not possess

CHRISTIE tanks: Army and Navy Journal 889, 1932, USA
The CHRISTIE tank: Army and Navy Register 223, 1932, USA
Army mechanization: Army and Navy Journal 832, 1933, USA
Designing U.S. Tanks in the Interwar Period 1918 – 1941, Scott A Cowin, USA
Rejection of CHRISTIE armored Fighting Vehicles, George F. Hofmann, 1970, USA
John Walter CHRISTIE and the Ordnance Department, Edward G Miller, 1984, USA
The Troubled History of the CHRISTIE tank, George F. Hofmann, USA
Handbook for Convertible Medium Tank T3, Office of the Chief of Ordnance, 1932, USA

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